How Does Our System Work?

This engaging and fun digital learning system is designed to encourage children and their parents, especially those living in poverty and other at-risk situations, to stay in school, work hard and make good grades. Fifteen minutes of parent-led lessons each day help children envision a brighter, more successful future and start them on a success education track.


Early Intervention is Key

Research proves that low-income families are less likely to even discuss college. But if a mentor intervenes early, children are more likely to attend post-secondary education and lead more successful lives. The YOKC lessons help parents reach children the way they want to learn today, delivering motivational songs, videos and games on classroom tablets.

College isn't the Only Option

This system encourages every child, no matter the circumstances, to prepare for a better life and fulfilling career, whether they choose college or not. Today, well-paying careers require education beyond high school, including most trades.